Extremely excited to add John Goodman as co-narrator of Johnnie Be Good along with Grammy winner Michael McDonald. I recently interviewed Goodman when the St. Louis International Film Festival gave him a career achievement award. The publicist working with Goodman, Marla Stoker, did some publicity work for the documentary a few years back, and Goodman overheard us talking about Johnnie Be Good. I mentioned to him that he was on my short list of narrators but I couldn’t figure out how to get in touch with him. Without missing a beat, he replied “I’ll do whatever you want,” then gave me his contact info. Goodman recently recorded his narration tracks at Clayton Studios. Needless to say, having an actor of his stature attached to the film is a major step forward. And since Johnnie Johnson’s story is a St. Louis story, having  two of St. Louis’ most accomplished entertainers voicing the film is as good as it gets.