Eddie Money, Lou Gossett, and Malcolm McDowell Speak

Eddie MoneyEddie Money

When movie stars and rock stars take time out to help you make your movie, it’s a pretty cool thing. When you get three outstanding interviews in two and a half weeks with an Oscar winner, the star of “A Clockwork Orange”, and the man who gave us “Two Tickets to Paradise”, it proves once and for all that your life doesn’t suck.

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Another Close Encounter with Chuck Leavell of the Stones

IMG_0392Leavell Rocks Music and the Environment

Because of this documentary, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some world class musicians, including Chuck Leavell, who’s a world class human being as well. Chuck was kind enough to invite me to his Georgia tree farm a couple of years ago to do a fantastic interview about Johnnie.

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Rock God Walks thru the Door (2 Min. Early)

EricClaptonA musician’s smile speaks volumes.

Eric Clapton just left my hotel room after a 40 minute interview for “Johnnie Be Good”. I know the documentary just took a huge leap forward. Mr. Clapton was supposed to arrive at 10:00 a.m. At 9:58 there was a knock at my door. In walks a rock icon. We made small talk. I asked him if he’d ever heard Johnnie’s solo on the Buddy Guy song “7-11”.

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