Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

President Terry Stewart on Johnnie’s Induction

If you’ve already been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I’m preaching to the choir. If you haven’t seen the Rock Hall and you’re a music fan, you’re missing out. What an amazing collection of rock and roll history.

Before interviewing Terry Stewart, the president of the Rock Hall, I visited the museum for a couple of hours in the morning. I saw the recent exhibit for St. Louis-area native Bob Heil, one of the pioneers of sound production for a who’s who of 60’s and 70’s bands including the Grateful Dead, the Who, and James Gang.Terry Stewart has been president of the Rock Hall since 1999. Here’s one of the things he had to say about Johnnie Johnson, a 2001 inductee. “Fortunately in later years, a lot of the artists who were influenced by him came forward and said we really should recognize this guy and so, not only was he inducted, but there were a lot of tributes made to him. He was given great acclaim and accolades and that’s a wonderful thing to have happen at that stage in your career. I’m very glad he was inducted and I’m glad he was inducted while he was still alive. It’s always a wonderful reward to receive and be able to appreciate.” Art HollidayDirector, JOHNNIE BE GOOD

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