How A Radio Interview Led To A Computer Upgrade

Shout Out to Carney and Siegel

Documentary filmmakers constantly rely on the kindness of strangers. You make new friends. You get help from places that cause you to say “I didn’t see that one coming.”

Several weeks ago, John Carney invited me on KMOX Radio to update my progress on “Johnnie Be Good”. John has been a great friend to the project; this was my third interview on his show. When the show was over, one of John’s producers handed me a phone message from Bret Siegel, who works for Apple Computer. He had listened to the interview and asked me to call him in case he could help.Bret is loaning “Johnnie Be Good” a new Apple computer with the latest editing software and he’s offered to be an information resource for computer related issues. “Johnnie Be Good” editor Jon King has been the happiest man in St. Louis since Bret showed off some of the things the computer is capable of. There was nothing wrong with Jon’s Mac G4, but thanks to Bret, we just went from a well-equipped VW to a badass Ferrari.

When I asked Bret if it was okay for me to share this wonderful and unexpected generosity, he said he wasn’t really looking for any pub. I’m not sure my little email blast qualifies as publicity, but it will hopefully express how grateful I am to Bret, and John Carney, and all the other people who have taken an interest in this documentary project. Trust me when I tell you it’s impossible to do a project like this by yourself. it’s all part of this fantastic journey called documentary film making. The photos on this page are photos I took of Johnnie at The Pageant, a great live music venue in St. Louis.The journey continues….and it keeps getting better.Art HollidayDirector”Johnnie Be Good”