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The good news is I had a week off last month and Ii used the time to write a big chunk of the documentary script. The bad news is the company I work for asked over 30,000 employees to take a one week unpaid furlough and that’s the reason I had a week off. But at least I still have a job.The best news: I handed over the first twelve pages of the doc script to my editor Jon King and we started editing the first rough cut this week. I hope to have the first rough cut done by the summer, then start the trimming process of the second rough cut. The start of editing is a major turning point and very exciting, considering I’ve been gathering material for almost six years. It’s been equal parts exasperation, exhillaration, and perspiration. This is the fun part, picking the sound bites, photos, music recordings, movie clips, and video segments that will make up the documentary. And the most recent news is that a NY distributor has asked to see the rough cut. I didn’t expect to attract that kind of attention at this stage, but the head of the company is a big music fan and that’s all you can ask for: a decision-maker who understands the project. It raises the stakes for the first rough cut, but that’s a good kind of pressure to have.Those of you who have been following the progress of the documentary know a lot of big names have been interviewed: Eric Clapton, Taylor Hackford, Bonnie Raitt, and many others. They all have important things to say about Johnnie. But I think one of the stars of the documentary may turn out to be Rob Bowman, a college professor, music historian and writer from Toronto. Bowman was one of the early interviews I did, probably four years ago. Every year Bowman is asked by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to write one of the official bios for the induction ceremony. Bowman had his choice of bios for the 2001 induction class which included Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Steely Dan, and Queen.He chose to write about Johnnie Johnson, and the 1000 word bio he wrote conveyed Johnnie’s importance to the sound of early rock and roll. Rob is a great story-teller, very animated, and obviously a music lover. Most importantly, he knows music inside and out. His knowledge is on display in his well-reviewed book about Stax Records called SOULSVILLE USA.In 2003 after meeting with Johnnie and Frances Johnson and committing to the project, I remember thinking…now what? Thousands of emails, thousands of miles, and thousands of hours later, it’s all happening. Thanks for all the support. I didn’t do this alone, although there were many days it seemed like that. There’s still a couple of interviews I hope to do, including the elusive Keith Richards, but in the meantime, it’s time to make a music documentary, people…so tell Tchaikovsky the news!The journey continues….and it just keeps getting better.Art Holliday

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