johnniebegood_colorRolling Stones great sits down for JOHNNIE BE GOOD interview

Good things come to those who wait. I waited four years to sit down with Keith Richards and it’s the understatement of the day to say it was SO worth it. Keith was in fine form, doing interviews with four different film projects. I’ll show you photos and share more details about Richards when I get back to St. Louis.

I’m off to see Hubert Sumlin perform at B.B. King’s tonight. For now, I’ll say this: I have had a number of great interviews and heard from a lot of big names, but Keith Richards’ interview about his good friend Johnnie Johnson will be the highlight of JOHNNIE BE GOOD. Big thanks to Keith’s representatives Jane Rose and David Navarette for making this such a positive experience. And what better place to conduct the interview than the iconic Electric Lady Studios, where Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and countless other artists have made musical magic. Thanks to studio manager Lee Foster for being a great host. More to come on a major step forward for JOHNNIE BE GOOD. The journey be good….no, make that great!Art Holliday/DirectorJohnnie Be Good