Time to Make a Movie!

First Draft Script 98 percent done

Just gave my editor Jon King the last 13 pages of JOHNNIE BE GOOD…the ending to the film. Major milestone for the film. I have a couple of minor sections to produce, but in a matter of days I will have a movie…a very long rough cut.

It’s right around three hours right now. Let the second edit begin. Time to make a movie.
Vivino interview

VIvino named Conan band leader

Congrats to Jimmy Vivino who has been named band leader for CONAN when the show begins on TBS in November. Vivino replaces Springsteen drummer Max Weinberg as Conan O’Brien’s band leader. Vivino performed at The Sheldon recently (Sept 19) for a JOHNNIE BE GOOD fundraiser, along with Conan band members Mike Merritt, and James Wormworth. Vivino, Merritt, and Wormworth are interviewed in JOHNNIE BE GOOD. Thanks to all of you who came to The Sheldon for a great night of music. Thanks to the musicians including Dona Oxford, Richard Hunt, Tom Maloney, Jimmy Hinds, Jim Rossi, Oliver Johnson, Steward Williams, Ms. Renee Smith, and Roland Johnson. The journey be good,…
Sheldon review: