Fundraising Efforts Ongoing

Ask and you may just receive.

Here’s the latest on JOHNNIE BE GOOD: I asked for help and Johnnie Johnson fans are responding. At my first fundraising concert back in July at the Argosy Casinio I asked for help raising completion funds. Several people are seriously stepping up.

In the on deck circle is Pam Rudolph, who’s been working on an October 13 fundraiser in Maryville, Illinois at Boogies. Pam is a Johnnie Johnson mega-fan. The first time I met Pam was in West Virginia. She drove from Illinois to WV to see Johnnie perform at the Johnnie Johnson Jazz and Blues Festival in Fairmont. In the documentary, Pam tells the story about working up the courage to introduce herself to Johnnie, and Johnnie reminded her he used to be with Chuck Berry. Pam corrected JJ: “Didn’t Chuck Berry used to be with you?” Pam says they got along great after that. Johnnie’s last performance before he died involved Pam and her family. Johnnie performed at the wedding reception of Pam’s daughter four days before he died. Doesn’t that sound like Johnnie, doing a favor for a fan? Thanks for the help, Pam! Looking forward to October 13th. For the rest of you, if you’re in the St. Louis area, come on over to Maryville to support JOHNNIE BE GOOD on October 13. Boogies is located at 2082 Vadalabene Drive, Maryville, IL 62062. The phone number is (618) 288-2898. The fundraiser begins at 8 p.m.My next road trip in October is my second visit to Johnnie’s home town, Fairmont, West Virginia. Bill Stalnaker, one of Johnnie’s friends and biggest supporters, is introducing me to an 85 year old man who grew up with Johnnie and knew him when he was learning to play the piano. On the same trip, I hope to interview Vicki Lawrence from “The Carol Burnett Show” and “Mama’s Family”, to find out the story behind Johnnie appearing on her variety show as a musical guest. I’ll let you know how it goes.Check out this link I came across about the rock and roll anthem JOHNNY B. GOODE

The journey continues…… Art HollidayDirector, JOHNNIE BE GOOD