Road trip number twenty took me to Austin, Texas for an interview with Ian “Mac” McLagan. McLagan has the sunniest disposition to go along with a quick wit and sense of humor. The English rocker was a pleasure to meet and talk music with.

What a wonderful career he has enjoyed. He currently tours with Ian McLagan and The Bump Band. Back in the day McLagan, Rod Stewart, and Ron Wood took their band The Faces to the top of the charts. You can hear McLagan’s keyboard work on everything from “Stay With Me” by the Faces to the smash hit “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones, and Mac’s trademark Hammond B-3 organ is featured on the Small Faces classic “Itchycoo Park” and Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” and “You Wear It Well”. Major credentials…well worth the road trip. He told me it was Keith Richards who identified Johnnie Johnson to him, and since then McLagan became a huge fan of Johnnie’s, talking him up to whoever will listen, especially fans who admire McLagan. He wants them to know about Johnnie’s influence on his playing. You can learn more abou
t McLagan at his website asked Mac why JOHNNIE BE GOOD was important enough for him to make time in his schedule for a filmmaker from St. Louis. This is one of many great quotes.”He’s influenced me so much in my life. People come up to me and say they think I’m a decent piano player and I tell them straightaway it’s got to be Johnnie Johnson and Otis Spann. You’ve got to go back. And for organists, Booker T. and Billy Preston. There’s nothing else. Those are my roots, those four men. And people need to know. Johnnie Johnson was a king. They call Elvis Presley the King of Rock and Roll, well, he didn’t get there on his own, and Chuck Berry didn’t get there on his own. It’s time people knew about Johnnie Johnson.”Thanks to publicists Jo Rae Di Menno and Lynn Rossi. You made this happen so easily. I greatly appreciate your help. Big thanks to Mac McLagan, a true gentleman and a big fan of Johnnie Johnson. Keep rockin’, Mac!


On my drive to Austin I saw one of the most beautiful hawks I’ve ever seen. This black and gray hawk with red markings swooped across the highway at windsheild level. What a majestic bird. This one had a wing span of 5 to 6 feet. Hard to describe, only lasted for a couple of seconds; long enough to make an inpression. I hope to remember it always. Any day that includes bbq is a good day. Twice while in Austin I went to Iron Works, a non-descript neighborhood bbq joint that throws down when it comes to grub. Iron Works often has people in line for Q, the line snaking outside of the building. Can we all agree if people stand in line for food, it must be damn good? I recommend the chopped beef. The pork ribs were pretty tasty always. Save room for peach and blackberry cobbler. OMG! Get your grub on! My personal rock and roll fantasy camp continues. The journey be good. Art HollidayJOHNNIE BE GOOD