Conan Band Members Talk About Johnnie

Mike Merritt and James Wormworth Remember Touring With JJ

Road trip #23 brought me back to LA to speak with bassist Mike Merritt and drummer James Wormworth, who toured and recorded with Johnnie Johnson. If you watched Conan O’Brien on NBC, chances you saw Merritt and Wormworth, along with guitarist Jimmy Vivino.

Great musicians! I interviewed Vivino several years ago, and the interview with Merritt and Wormworth went so well, they want to do a second interview with Vivivo. That’s the next interview I’m doing, three members of Conan’s band!They want to support this project because they were great friends of Johnnie’s. I’ll have a major announcement soon. Live music fans, stay tuned. –Recently interviewed one of Johnnie’s stepdaughters in Atlanta. Also spoke with two attorneys who have very interesting connections to Johnnie. –Handing over 13 more pages to my editor Jon King tomorrow. Yes!–Waiting to hear about grant success/failure from Missouri Arts Council.After seven years of work, it’s all happening.

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