Michael McDonald, David Sanborn Support Johnnie Be Good

McDonald to Narrate JBG

Two of St. Louis’ most celebrated musicians, Michael McDonald and David Sanborn, show their respect for Johnnie Johnson by performing on a new version of the iconic rock and roll song “Johnny B. Goode” to help raise money to finish the music documentary about Johnson’s life and music. Both musicians are interviewed in the film “Johnnie Be Good”.

McDonald also recently volunteered to narrate “Johnnie Be Good” and will record voicetracks soon. McDonald, a five time Grammy winner, got the ball rolling when he volunteered to sing lead vocals on the song, with the intent of putting it on iTunes and other digital download sites to raise money to finish “Johnnie Be Good”. McDonald’s vocals were recorded in LA. Sanborn, a six time Grammy winner, will soon record saxophone tracks at his home studio near NYC. Like McDonald, Sanborn is a native St. Louisan, formerly of Kirkwood, MO. Both men provided thoughtful commentary in the film, then doubled down in their support, collaborating on the song that will soon be available for sale. Sanborn has had a remarkable career. According to his official website, Sanborn played Woodstock with Paul Butterfield. Following that, Dave toured with Stevie Wonder and recorded for Wonder’s “Talking Book” album, played with The Rolling Stones, and toured with David Bowie with whom he recorded the famous solo heard on “Young Americans”. At the same time, Dave was touring and recording with the great Gil Evans, dividing his time between the two. After moving to New York City and studying with George Coleman, Dave started his solo career where he later collaborated with such artists as Paul Simon and James Taylor.Thanks to recording studio magic, the piano tracks of the late Johnnie Johnson will provide the musical foundation of the newest version of “Johnny B. Goode.” Also performing on the recording are drummer Mike Mesey, who’s also producing the record, Conan O’Brien band leader Jimmy Vivino, and former REO Speedwagon guitarist Steve Scorfina, a childhood friend of Michael McDonald from their days growing up in north St. Louis County. LA boogie woogie artist and Johnnie Johnson protege Dona Oxford also performs.


Besides being used in the film, the song will soon be available (September)for sale on iTunes and other digital sales platforms to raise money to finish the music documentary about rock and roll pioneer Johnnie Johnson. When the song is released, obviously you can help by buying it. Just as importantly, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Word of mouth and social media will be crucial in getting the word out about this song. We need an army of volunteers who love music to share our story via Facebook, Twitter, email, ect. Selling a song featuring Michael McDonald and David Sanborn is the opportunity of a lifetime for an independent filmmaker (THANK YOU MIKE AND DAVID!), but only if people know about the song and the documentary. When you support the film, please encourage someone else to. On a documentary project that’s lasted so long, with so many moving parts, a LOT of people have provided assistance, money, emotional support. You know who you are. Thank you very much. You keep me humble, grateful, and willing to go the extra mile to bring this long shot film cross the finish line. the journey be goodArt Hollidayart@johnniebegoodthemovie.com