Michael McDonald to Narrate JBG

I just got back from Nashville where I witnessed the professionalism of Michael McDonald and enjoyed stories about The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Beyonce, and Ray Charles. Earlier this summer, McDonald volunteered to narrate JOHNNIE BE GOOD. Awesome!

So fitting that one St. Louis music legend is voicing a film about another Gateway City great. McDonald told me his respect for both Chuck Berry and Johnnie Johnson is what drew him to this project. Thanks, Mike!But McDonald doesn’t sit still verART MMCDONALDy long, so we had to figure out a time that worked for both of us to get together and record the narrator tracks. Two days ago (Sunday Sept 20) I drove to McDonald’s studio, a few miles outside of Nashville. McDonald was a joy to work with, along with his sound engineer Grady Walker, who is also McDonald’s brother-in-law. Both men are perfectionists and our day long recording and editing session lasted until almost 10 p.m. The tracks sound great and can’t wait to plug them into JOHNNIE BE GOOD. We grabbed some burgers at a 24 hour joint, and pretty soon the stories started flowing from McDonald, who has had a remarkable career since his days growing up in Ferguson, MO. One of the best stories was when he met Beyonce and quickly told her that his then ten year old daughter was a huge fan, then asked if she would call her. After Beyonce spent 20 minutes on the phone talking with Michael’s daughter, he was father of the year!

Johnny B. Goode Recording Coming Soon

Don’t forget, McDonald’s recording of “Johnny B. Goode” along with David Sanborn and the piano tracks of Johnnie Johnson will soon be for sale via digital download to raise money for JOHNNIE BE GOOD. McDonald has never sounded better, Sanborn has a tasty solo, Johnnie does what Johnnie always does on the piano, and the song rocks! More info to come soon.